What Kind of Industrial Equipment Financing Will Work Best – Industry Finance

For an existing or new business, deciding what kind of industrial equipment leasing or purchasing is the best choice can be difficult. The various industrial equipment financing programs have been developed to meet the needs of all types of businesses including those with poor credit or those who only operate on a seasonal basis. Certain plans have also been created to give new companies the step up they need to be successful. Here are a few different kinds that you will have to choose from:Traditional Industrial Equipment LeasingTraditional leases are for companies who don’t want ownership of the items, but prefer to ‘rent’ them. These have no buyout terms and have low payments that are considered an operating expense when it comes to tax time. These are particularly helpful for equipment that depreciates quickly. You can purchase what you need at a fair price and extend the term to meet your needsCapital Or Pre-PaidThis type of industrial equipment financing works similar to a traditional lease except the items are purchased at the end of the term. Once the purchase price has been paid in full as well as interest, you will only have to pay a small percentage of the original price tag or a single dollar to transfer ownership. In many instances, you can pay a percentage of the cost ahead of time to lower the overall payments and show you can make the payments. These are ideal for those whose credit needs the extra boost.Deferred PaymentsDesigned the same as a traditional or capital industrial equipment leasing option, deferred payment programs are an ideal choice for new businesses. These are designed so the company does not have to make payments during the first two or three months of the agreement. This lets businesses with no income during the first few months get up and going before they have to start paying for the equipment they need.Seasonal Payment ProgramsSeasonal payment programs work for seasonal businesses and organizations such as those involved in road construction or agricultural industries that only have cash coming in during certain seasons or months of the year. These are often fully customizable to meet the needs of the company including the number of months per year payments are made, the amount of the payments, and the length of the term. In some instances, only small payments will need to be made during the off-season.Sale-Leaseback Industrial Equipment FinancingSometimes a company purchases the items they need only to find out that they would like to increase their cash flow or invest their money directly into equipment that increases in value rather than depreciates. With a sale-leaseback, the business sells the equipment to the financial institution and leases it back until it is paid in full, or they lease it until they no longer want it.Step Up Or Progressive LeasesContractors often prefer this type of industrial equipment leasing, particularly when they are purchasing an item for a certain set of contracts coming up that will see their income increase on a regular schedule. With these plans, the payments increase gradually matching the rising income and pay the plan out sooner.Master Lease ProgramsMaster industrial equipment financing is ideal for companies who will be purchasing several pieces of equipment in a certain amount of time. A ‘main’ agreement is signed and from there a separate set of terms and lengths are set up for each item.These are just a few of the many industrial equipment leasing options available to businesses. Many financing companies will work directly with you to come up with the perfect industrial equipment financing that will get you the items you need at payments you can afford.